As a beginner it was difficult for me to cop-up with the growing need of social media engagements for my clients, especially on Facebook. Slowly I started building my own set of groups where I started joining and started sharing information. I also got a lot of value inputs from these groups. Here is the list of those groups which I created with my 10 years of experience which I use time to time to get various digital solutions.

50 top influential groups on Facebook:

  1. Digital Marketing Question & Answers

   Admin: Sorav Jain

One of the best Digital media enthusiast. Get updated with latest trends with sorav Jain. I couldn’t find a better informed person till date. His trend analysis are great and helped me to build a lot of eye catching plans for my various clients.

Link –


  1. Digital marketing hacks for entrepreneurs W/JR

Admin: Austin                                     

The group focuses on information share and earning both.

Link –


  1. SEO -Digital Marketing Group

Admins: Vikas & Sumit

This group is primarily meant for user-to-user discussions about SEO and Digital Marketing topics.

Link –

  1. Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Admin: Josh

Get a lot of success and failure stories from across the digital media community freaks. You will love to join a group like this.

Link –

  1. Digital Marketing Ideas

Admin: Santanu

This group is great, specially for the people who want to build his career in SEO and SMO domain.

Link –

  1. Email Marketing

Admin: Tim Burd

Lot of time I faced problem when my client asked me to share inputs and value of Email marketing. When I started back then, Email marketing was one of the best solution, we could offer to our client. But as time passed the value of E-mail marketing changed. Get all the latest trends with Tim Burd, one of the best Email marketer I came across.

Link –

  1. Superstar SEO

Admin: Chris.M Walker

The content is king, be it today or back then. Yes, the value of content on search platform also evolved over the period of time. But wait, How you will be able to get the best bet. Check Superstar SEO. Follow their regular updates and it will surely help you grow your business in online domain.

Link –

  1. Digital Marketing Asia : Singapore & Beyond

Admin: Sharon Neo

Where is most of the MNCs headquarter? It’s Singapore. Right! Then follow the group called Digital marketing Asia and get to know how to work in global environment. It’s one of the must follow group for sure.

Link –

  1. Digital marketing Enthusiasts

Admin: Shashank Srivastava

Number of members – 3303

Oh yehh! Digital of today may not be of your use for tomorrow. You have to get to know what’s trending, what all new features are added for various platform. I follow this group called Digital Marketing Enthusiasts and gained a lot. My advice would be to follow and show others that you are the most updated person among your peers when it comes to trends in digital media

Link –

  1. SEO group – SEO Experts worldwide

Admin: Mustafizur Rahman

This is the second group which I recommend to follow for all the latest update on SEO.

Link –

  1. Digital marketing & SEO jobs, update, tricks & tips

Admin: Adam Ryan

Tricks are the most important part for the success of your campaign. Especially in the search domain. You may know the basic principles of SEO, but when it comes to gain the quick results, you have to have tricks to get it. This platform for sure will help you get those tricks:

Link –

  1. Digital Marketing Professionals

Admin: Manjunatha

A can’t miss platform for all the digital media professional

Link –


  1. Learn Digital Marketing

Admin: Deepak Kanakaraju

It’s a saying that the best mind team up together to produce the best results. Opps! At times the phrase is taken other way round as well. Don’t worry, this group will not let you go down. I got ample solution of my problems within this group itself.

Link –

Hope. You liked the content and will enjoy my experience to build your digital portfolio.


7 tips to Grow your Instagram Followers


If you study the nature of growth you will find that the growth  between 1% to 90% happens faster than the growth between 90% to 100, because to gain the last 10 % you have to be perfect. You can use this growth analysis to analyze the growth of Social Media Platforms. Facebook and Twitter has travelled a long distance now they need better health and more stamina to travel ahead. But, Instagram the subsidiary of Facebook is new in the market with its all new and attracting features.

Top Digital Marketers are saying that 2018 is the year for Instagram. I have also experienced that Instagram is providing more organic visitors than Facebook.

If you want to grow your business online then this is the time you should start using Instagram. But before that, you should learn about timing, placement and planning for this young social Media Platform.

How to use Instagram for business?

This blog focuses on some tips that can increase your followers organically. Social Media in 2018 is all about attractive pictures and videos and Instagram is the best place to use pictures and videos. But, the most important thing is you need enough followers to enjoy your content. So, Use these experimented methods and be famous on Instagram.

Before using these tips, you have to stop doing two works on Instagram. First, stop the game of follow and follow back. Because, this will not give who the audience that you need for your posts. And second, stop buying followers because these followers are not humans they are bots.

  1. Write a well explained description to define yourself.

Define yourself to the people so they should know who you are. A well written description provides information to the people and clears their questions for following your account. If an individual follow you after reading about you, he is interested in your content.

  1. Post Attractive Images:

Attractive images are the key to gain more followers. Always remember that Instagram is all about telling your stories through photo. So, your photo should be different and more attractive than your competitors.

  1. Follow Hashtags and Follow Relevant People:

Find hashtags that are relevant for you or your brand and follow these hashtags. You will find people from your niche. Start following these people and engage with them, you are more likely to get a follow back.

  1. Post Regularly:

Being popular on Instagram needs continuity. You have to post on daily basis.This is not necessary to post 30 images daily. You can post 1 image in one day but ensure to post it daily.

As you post your images remember to write long description so that audience engages with your post. I am not in favor of posting images with 30 hashtags.Instead of that use one to 10 hashtags for which people are searching for, these hashtags matter.

  1. Engage With Users:

Never ignore a comment by anyone. Always reply back whenever a someone comments on your post. Conversation with your audience is must for engagement.

  1. Going Live On instagram Is The New Sexy:

When you go live on Instagram stories, you tend to grow more loyal followers. Follow a style, I like to do a Question and Answer session on Instagram Live session and this is absolutely fun. Sometimes I do one-on-one live interviews on Instagram stories. This sells.


5 Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2018


Growing your business on social media is not just about posting images and articles on your business pages. It needs much more than that and one of the first things is to keep you updated about the trends.

I ensure you that you will be able to prepare an outstanding social media marketing plan for your business after reading this article.

  1. Video Consumption will increase.

Videos are gaining a lot of popularity on social media. Audience engagement on videos is higher than any other types of post. People eyes always get stuck on the video on their timeline. So, in 2018 brands are going to invest heavy amount in video marketing.

  1. Instagram Stories – a place for creativity and engagement.

Instagram is providing more options for creativity in its stories like seasonal stickers, rewind fetures, zoom in feature, live polls, and live stories. As story comes on the top of the app’s timeline, people engage more here. So, brands will use their creativity to engage people through stories.

  1. Instagram will be the social media platform of 2018

Facebook would like to Kill Snapchat in all possible ways. You would probably notice your posts on Facebook getting less traction but more engagement on Instagram. Facebook wants you to use Instagram heavily this will increase the usage pattern by all means and slowly kill the consumption of snapchat. Instagram advertisements, Instagram boost posts is where your investment should be.


  1. Brands are going to invest huge amount in live features.

Live sessions on social media are becoming the most preferred way to engage users and gain their trust. You can communicate with users directly and answer their questions and solve their problems. According to a report celebrities are using live features a lot for a direct interaction with their users. Brands have also started using this feature to gain trust of their customers.

If, you haven’t buy a tool to go live on social media like BeLive or Wirecast then you should buy these equipments soon.

  1. Quality Of Content:

Content is the king and that’s what is the slogan of digital media in 2018. You should identify the problems of your customers and try to solve them through blog, creative posts and solve their problems. Create your own post; do not try to copy others because quality is the first priority for social platforms now.

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